defendant to the complainant which were couched in affectionate terms. The bench made an order for 10s. a week until the child was 16 years of age, with costs, expences and advocate’s fee.

Rape and Assault
7 February 1891  Alleged Attempt to Commit a Rape upon Two Girls on the Rhymney Mountain      John Williams, a rough looking customer, was charged with attempting to commit a rape upon Eliza Ann James and Mary Lewis on the Vochriw road on Monday last. Eliza Ann James, 4, Railway-terrace, said she was a single woman. About 5.45 on the 2nd February, she was going along the road to Vochriw. When she was about sixty yards away from the gate, the prisoner came behind her, caught her round the throat, and pulled her down on his knees. He then meddled with her clothes, and said, “You mustn’t go any further tonight; you must stay here with me.” She saw a man coming and struggled with the prisoner. She got away and ran to the man who was approaching. The man was Mr. Tozer, the postmaster at Pontlottyn. Mr. Tozer spoke to the man and was cheeked by him. Mr. Tozer said that the girl who rushed up to him said “Save me from this man.” She was in an exhausted state. The prisoner then came up, and he (witness) askedhim why he had insulted the girl on the road, and he replied that he hadn’t. When the trap approached, the prisoner ran away.  Mary Lewis, 24, Market-street, Vochriw, said that as she was going home at 6 o’clock on 2nd February, the prisoner, who pretended to be drunk, passed her. He then turned around and caught her by the waist, saying “Oh my little love.” Two men then approached and the prisoner ran away. Mr. North said that it was abominable that two modest girls could not walk along a mountain road without being molested by a scoundrel like the prisoner. Williams was sentenced to three months imprisonment for each offence, the sentences to run consecutively.

22 June 1901  Alleged Outrage on a Girl at Fochriw   Richard Hill, Troedyrhiw, was committed for trial at the Assizes on a charge of outraging Annie Powell, aged 16, living at 15, Guest-street, Fochriw on Sunday afternoon.

29 September 1945   Fochriw Girl’s Story of Alleged Assault: “After The Dance” Scene Sequel: Collier For Trial   An alleged assault on the mountainside after a dance at the Mayfair Ballroom. Pontlottyn, which was held to celebrate the return of Cpl. Edward T. Chapman, V.C., had its sequel at Pontlottyn Magistrates’ Court on Friday, when Thomas James Mann, aged 23, collier, of Old School House, Pontlottyn, was accused of an alleged serious offence against Megan Griffiths, aged 26, single woman, of Aelybryn, Fochriw, on August 20. Mann, who was represented by Mr. John Evans, Bargoed, entered a plea of not guilty, and reserved his defence. Mr. D. Owen George prosecuted for the Glamorgan County Council, and said that Miss Griffiths attended the dance.
Giving evidence, Miss Griffiths said she had one dance with Mann and left at about midnight with Audrey James and Mann, who asked to accompany her home. She and Mann were walking along the mountain road towards Fochriw, when Mann tried to put his hands around her. She stopped him and he pushed her down. There was a struggle and she bit him. She managed to get up and run away. He caught her and dragged her a distance of 30 yards. She screamed and shouted at the top of her voice. He then sat on her chest, and she still resisted. When she was on the ground he ripped her clothes. She continued to scream and he put his hands around her throat, telling her that if she did not stop shouting he would choke her. He then committed the alleged offence. When she got up, she ran to a bungalow occupied by Mrs. Chapman, mother of Cpl. Chapman.
Dr. Hill said that on August 21, he examined Miss Griffiths, who was very distressed and frightened. He came to the conclusion that there had been intercourse within a few hours. There were marks on her neck which might have been caused by finger nails.
Mrs. Rachel Chapman said that Miss Griffiths knocked at the door. She was sobbing, and told her that she had been asaulted by a young man. Audrey James (18), Queen-street, Pontlottyn, said she attended the dance and after arriving at the house, she left Miss Griffiths and Mann. When cautioned by Det.-Sgt. Gwynfryn Davies, Ystrad Mynach, Mann said, “I had a few drinks and lost my head and made her give in.” In a statement, Mann was alleged to have said, “I had a few drinks and mixed it. I was not so tight. I tried to molest her, but she would not give in. I am not clear what happened. I lost my head. She started to struggle, and after struggling she had to give in as she was beaten.” When charged Mann said, “There is nothing more to say.”