26 July 1930  Trespass   Thomas James (63), Fochriw, was charged with trespassing on the G.W.R. Defendant was not present. A ganger employed by the railway company said that he saw the defendant crossover the fence and on to the line. There was a notice on the spot where the defendant crossed. Defendant was fined five shillings.

28 December 1940   Police Court   Adelaide Lawrence, aged 31, school teacher, of Fochriw, was summoned for leaving her motor-car on the highway during the hours of darkness on November 27th without lights. A lad named Thomas Davies of Bedlinog, a collier boy, said that as he walked around the corner he bumped into the car. It was found that when the mudguard was touched the lights were extinguished, and when touched again, they came on. Miss Lawrence was ordered to pay costs.

27 September 1941   An Expensive Ride    John Pellard Llewellyn of Fochriw was summoned for using a motor vehicle without a road fund license and insurance policy, and without a pillion seat, on July 27th. P.C. Roy Taylor said that he saw Llewellyn riding in Fochriw-road, Deri, with his four year old daughter on the tank in front of him. There was no pillion on the machine. The road fund license had expired on September 30th, 1939. Llewellyn said that he was repairing the bike for his brother who was in the R.A.F. He was giving his little girl a short ride. The Stipendiary said that he was satisfied that Llewellyn was only trying out the machine. However, he had broken the law, and he was fining him £1 2s 6d.

2 June 1945   Trespassers Fined    Fines of 10/- each were imposed at the Merthyr Magistrates Court on Tuesday on Beverly Wright (17), Frederick Morgan (18), Desmond Pritchard (22) and Douglas Beale, all of Fochriw, who were charged jointly with trespassing on the G.W.R. at Rhymney on March 14. They were also ordered to pay 1s 3d costs each.

23 February 1957    Bad Road Killed Fochriw Man    A verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned at the Bargoed inquest on Monday evening, on Melvyn Hier, 20 year old signalman of Heol Iago, who was fatally injured while riding a solo motor-cycle at Fochriw on Jan. 28. The jury sitting with the North Glamorgan coroner said that the accident was caused by the rough and uneven surface of the road. Evidence was given by William Thomas, Bryn Amlwg, Fochriw, and Arthur James Farmer of Pontlottyn Road, Fochriw. Heir was not wearing a crash helmet. It was reported that since the accident the road had been rolled and lamped.

21 June 1958    Fochriw Driver Acquitted In Dublin     On the Judge’s direction, Norman Withers, aged 37, mining engineer, of the Rising Sun, Fochriw, was found not guilty at the Circuit Criminal Court, Dublin, on Monday, of the manslaughter of Frederick Bradley (32), and Leslie Trollope (44), both of Fochriw. The case arose out of a road crash at 1 a.m. on March 11 involving a party of Welsh supporters who were in Dublin for the rugby international match between Wales and Ireland.

School non-attendance
9 March 1878  Merthyr Police Court: Non-Attendance at School   Henry Harris, collier, Vochrhiw, was summoned for not causing his son Jacob to attend the Vochrhiw National School with the regularity prescribed by the bye-laws of the Gelligaer School Board, whose attendance officer (Jones) now prosecuted. Defendant's wife appeared. The Bench considered the case to have been very plainly proved and a fine of 5s. including costs was imposed. A week was allowed defendant to find the money.

7 June 1869  Merthyr Police Court: A School Board Case     Henry Harris, collier, Vochriw, was summoned by Mr. J. Jones, attendance officer to the Gellygaer School Board, for not sending his child to school regularly. The regulation fine of five shillings including the costs was imposed.

1 May 1880  A School Board Case   The summons against Alfred Small, collier, Vochriw, taken out by Attendance Officer Jones for a breach of the bye-laws of the Gelligaer School Board was adjourned for one month, defendant alleging that his child was prevented from going to school because of a rather bad cutaneous eruption from which she had been suffering for some time.